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4 to 80 Zone Semi Addressable/Networkable MASTER Fire Alarm Control Panel

4 to 80 Zone microprocessor based semi addressable MASTER PANEL WITH PRINTER fully networkable wall mounted type fabricated out of 1.2/1.6mm CRCA sheet, dust and vermin proof, powder coated with power supply and battery charger, with battery backup of 2X12 V 7 AH maintenance free battery.


  • A highly descriptive 20 character, 4 line LCD, Alphanumeric display is provided for all information.
  • 1000 events logs storing events of fire, open, short, reset, local and network silence with ID, date and time stamp.
  • The panel has an in built mini printer to print the log events and instantaneous events.
  • The master panel has the facility to communicate all the events with slave panel on network and vice‐versa.
  • RS485 networkable with other panels for information sharing.
  • Zone wise fire, open, short, isolate and normal LED indication.
  • Important panel settings are protected by password to prevent unauthorized access. User can change the password and even Enable/Disable protection.
  • Each zone in network can be named as per the requirement either using the menu function or using PC interface software.
  • The panel is able to filter its events like fire, open, short, reset and silence along with all the events of slave panels on network.
  • Alarms can be delayed by one minute to fifteen minute period, in steps of one minute. Different delay periods can be selected on an individual zone basis. Pre alarm helps to prevent false alarms in areas prone to smoke/fire generation.
  • The panel has auto programming day/night mode for pre‐alarm. In case the pre‐alarm is programmed, all the hooters /sounders are silenced for that particular set time after that they return back to their normal position.
  • The panel has one man test (walk test) facility for the system maintenance purpose; each detector can be tested by a single Engineer, without need of returning to the panel.
  • The panel has the facility for nomenclature of the panel / site / department itself.
  • The panel has the facility to interface with active/passive networkable repeater panel.
  • The panel has the facility to interface Public Address System through RS‐485 network.
  • The auto dialing facility is available for minimum 4 locations.
  • The panel has the facility to update the configuration of all the slave panels installed within the range of 2 km, like nomenclature of entire slave panels and network zones, zone isolation, pre alarm, day/night mode by a single key either from the master panel or PC from the processor at a time. This will save the unnecessary effort to update each slave panel’s configuration one by one.
  • The processor has the facility to flash the events occurred on network on the LCD’s of all the slave panels connected to the processor & those events are silenced by any of the slave panels.
  • The panel has the facility to view all the network events like fire, open, short, reset & network silence with ID, date & time stamp; all these events are filtered by the processor along with the panel‐wise filtration which enables the user to filter any of the slave panels and operate any function from a single point
  • The AdCom interface to PC is available for data storing and system configuration and view the status of the entire network on a single window.


Model No.   AD1-UL–4 to AD1-UL–16 (4 Zone to 16 Zone)
Description   Semi Addressable Networkable Programmable Fire Alarm Panel
Trigger Devices   40-50 Per Zone
Sounders   2 No. In Each Zone / 8No. Common
Compatibility   All Networkable (RS 485 - The AdCom) Device
Mounting   Surface or Semi-Flush
Operating Voltage   Input 230 Vac 50/60Hz + 10% - 15% Output 24Vdc
Wiring   All systems wiring 2 core (to local codes and standards)
Monitoring   Trigger device circuits open and short circuit fault and detector removal via 22uF 35/40 volt EOL capacitor. Sounder Circuits open and short circuit.
Sounder Circuits   ZC8/4/8 - 2 x 24 Vdc 0.50A ZC8/2 - 2 x 24Vdc 0.25A
Switched outputs   Fire and Fault 1 Volt free c/o 1 at 30 Vdc (each)
PC Interface   Serial Communication The AdCom Using PC Software
Active Repeater   4 to 80 Zone repeater output via main panel (Serial Communication - RS 485 -2 core connection)
Passive Repeater   4 to 80 Zone repeater output via main panel aux supply 24V DC (Serial Communication - RS 485 - 4 core connection)
Indicator   Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Standby Batteries   2 x 12 volt 7Ah sealed lead acid 24hr standby
Temperature Range   -10oC to + 60oC
Humidity Range   10% to 90% RH (non condensing)
Environmental   IP50
Construction   Cold Rolled Coil Sheet (1.2mm / 1.6mm)
Dimensions   685mm (H) x 410mm (W) x 95mm (D) AD1-UL– 4 to 80 (4 Zone to 80 Zone)
Colour   Snow White
Weight   7.392 Kg AD1-UL– 4 to 80 (4 Zone to 80 Zone) Excluding Printer & Batteries