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4 To 48 Zone Networkable Repeater Panel

4 to 48 Zone microprocessor based semi addressable fire alarm REPEATER control panel fully networkable wall mounted type fabricated out of 1.2/1.6mm CRCA sheet, dust and vermin proof, powder coated, power supply and battery charger, with battery backup of 1X12 V 1.3 AH maintenance free battery. The panel is ERTL approved.


  • A highly descriptive 20 character, 4 line LCD, Alphanumeric display provided for all information.
  • 1000 events logs storing events of fire, open, short, reset, local and network silence with ID, date and time stamp.
  • RS 485 networkable for entire network information on LCD and LED indication.
  • The panel has the facility for nomenclature of the panel / site / department itself.


Model No.   AD1-UL–4 to AD1-UL–16 (4 Zone to 16 Zone)
Description   Semi Addressable Networkable Programmable Fire Alarm Panel
Compatibility   All Networkable (RS 485 - The AdCom) Device
Mounting   Surface or Semi-Flush
Operating Voltage   Input 230 Vac 50/60Hz + 10% - 15% Output 24Vdc
Wiring   All systems wiring 2 core (to local codes and standards)
Monitoring   Trigger device circuits open and short circuit fault and detector removal via 22uF 35/40 volt EOL capacitor. Sounder Circuits open and short circuit.
Switched outputs   Fire and Fault 1 Volt free c/o 1 at 30 Vdc (each)
PC Interface   Serial Communication The AdCom Using PC Software
Active Repeater   4 to 16 Zone repeater output via main panel (Serial Communication - RS 485 -2 core connection)
Passive Repeater   4 to 16 Zone repeater output via main panel aux supply 24V DC (Serial Communication - RS 485 - 4 core connection)
Indicator   Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Standby Batteries   1 x 12 volt 1.3Ah sealed lead acid 12hr standby
Temperature Range   -10oC to + 60oC
Humidity Range   10% to 90% RH (non condensing)
Environmental   IP50
Construction   Cold Rolled Coil Sheet (1.2mm / 1.6mm)
Dimensions   410mm (H) x 380mm (W) x 50mm (D) AD1S-UL– 4 to 16 (4 Zone to 48 Zone)
Colour   Snow White