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PC Interface Software

The software package allows the user to monitor, configure & control the entire semi addressable / networkable fire alarm control system from any central location via the AdCom communication.


  • The AdCom interface to PC for data storing and system configuration enables the user to view the status of the entire network on a single window, the Instantaneous data as well as the Logs in history can be viewed, analyzed or printed from a single point.
  • Live view of full network of all events, system status of each zone, fire, open, short, isolate zone healthy date time and name.
  • All the events indicated in the software by different colours and location mentioned on it with the name of events like FIRE, OPEN, SHORT, SILENCE, NETWORK HEALTHY.
  • Live functions can be performed like system restart, silence, emergency evacuate etc.
  • The software is password protected to prevent unauthorized access.
  • USB to serial converter cable is provided with the software.
  • USB to serial converter software is inbuilt in the PC interface software.
  • Data storage and log history is there in the software.
  • Live events and log history can be printed from software and can be emailed as well.
  • Even if the screen is minimized, events like fire open short etc are showed through popā€ups.
  • This software is very easy to install and user friendly as well.
  • This software runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
  • This software should be used with a PC or Laptop only.